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Please note, books might not directly relate to GPU. They are listed because they are interesting. GPU is an Amazon associate and little revenues will help to run the project. If you have a homepage, you can recommend books, too.

  • Books
    • Introduction to numeric parallel computing

    • Introduction to Numeric Parallel Computing

      The book is a good introduction to numeric parallel computing targeted to the scientist and the interested student. It requires mathematical and programming skills. Topics covered include MPI, OpenMP, Monte Carlo simulations, Fast Fourier Transform and algebraic optimization techniques. It is a good companion for an advanced parallel computing course.

    • The Nine Billion Names of God

    • Nine billion names of God

      Short stories from the author who inspired a GPU plugin. :) Stories are creative and surprise for their unexpected end. You can read one here.

    • Flatland/Sphereland

    • Flatland/Sphereland: think easier in more dimensions!

      A part of the old Victorian view of life, you might get multidimensional dreams after reading this book! Despite appearance, the book is easy: even without knowing what maths is, you will enjoy it! Flatland is the original book, written by Edwin. A. Abbot. Sphereland is a patch to include general relativity and gender parity!

    • Programming and problem solving with Delphi

    • Programming and problem solving with Delphi

      According to user's reviews, this book seems good for people willing to learn Delphi basics. If it does not help any further, ask the oracle. The oracle might tell you that it knows the future, but it is better for you to stay unaware of it. This means, it does not know, too. ;)

    • OpenGL red book
      OpenGL red book

      How many people learn 3D graphics with this book? Well, we did not, but we use it sometimes as a reference. This book or a computer graphics course will introduce you to the secrets of 3D programming. Visit Delphi3D to get examples and the Delphi OpenGL API.

    • More science fiction books
    • More Delphi books
    • More books about Open Source
    • More books about history, peace and politics
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