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File Distributor Server 0.962

This is a set of PHP scripts to distribute data to applications devoted to distributed computing. Clients connect to this server which runs the File Distributor. Clients download work units, crunch them and report back results to the FD server. If the GPU client is used, it is possible to upload an application as a .zip archive to the FD server. The application is then distributed to the GPU clients. GPU clients launch the application as defined into an application descriptor. The resulting files can be uploaded to a FTP server, too.

Project Management

Work Units Management


Users management

Team Management


Note: For your own projects, the standalone client might be the best way to start. If you would like to contribute to other projects (landscape generation, distributed search engine) consider installing the GPU client. If you have an interesting project, or if you wrote a client for another operating system, we would be glad to list here your link.



For questions and support contact the GPU mailing list. As this is a community driven project, we need your suggestions and bug reports to improve. Thanks a lot :-)

Source Code

Source code of server is under GPL and can be found here. The File Distributor requires Apache, PHP and mySQL installed on your machine. For a quick start, we recommend the software XAMPP, which already contains all of them.

The File Distributor is a component of the Global Processing Unit project, but can be used also for other data crunching experiments. Details on your PHP version are here.

(c) by 2002-2010 the GPU Development Team. Scripts and clients are based on work done by Justin Adams, nanobit and HB9TVM.