How to configure application packed in .zip files

In each packed archive you distribute, you should include a file called appconfig.xml with following tags:

  • appname: Human readable name of the enclosed application.
  • execname: Executable name (e.g. yourapp.exe).
  • execparams: Parameters to be given to the executable.

    Important: It is possible to give special parameters, taken from the XML file of the Get Work form, if you add a $ in front of the tag name. If you use $workunit_nb, the GPU file distributor plugin will substitute the parameter with the work unit number. An exception is the parameter $filename, the GPU plugin substitutes this parameter with the absolute local path to the work unit. $local_work_path is substituted with the local directory on the node where work units are located. Similarly, $local_exec_path is substituted with the local directory, where the application is located. $xmljob is substituted with the path and filename of the XML job description as sent from file distributor. $xmlappconfig is substituted with the path and filename of the configuration file described here.

  • hide: If set to yes, the application will be hidden from the user's view. Any other value will show the application on the user's desktop.
  • priority: Give priority as high, middle or low.

    The executable process will run on computers with that priority. If you are not using dedicated computers, please always choose low.

  • www: some page that displays info about what your application does.
  • author: name of the author of the application.
  • packager: name of the project manager.
  • A XML example is here.