Manual File Distributor 0.962


The File Distributor is a simple way to distribute files (sometime referred as work units in this document) to clients (computers running a particular application). The clients are expected to process the downloaded file and to report back a result in form of a string. It is also possible to distribute data to people, as the FD provides a way to get and report data via the web interface, though the web interface is more thought as a simple way to explain how FD works.

Install steps

GPU File Distributor runs on Apache webserver with the PHP module backed by a mySQL database.

Therefore, you should first download from the website XAMPP, a package which bundles Apache, mySQL and phpMyAdmin (and more... :-) for Linux and Windows. FD was developed with XAMPP 1.5.5, but any newer version might work as well. Then you should install XAMPP. Using the XAMPP Control Panel start Apache and mySQL.

Download the File Distributor PHP scripts, unzip them and copy them to the htdocs directory created by XAMPP, so that you get a htdocs/file_distributor directory full of PHP scripts.

Go to the directory htdocs/file_distributor/config, take, copy it to Edit the variables in depending on your hardware and network configuration.

As next step, you should visit http://localhost/phpmyadmin, to access phpMyAdmin, an interface that speaks with the mySQL database. In phpMyAdmin, create a database file_distributor, and a user fd_user with a password you can set in htdocs/file_distributor/conf/ If the file_distributor is published, you should also modify the constant $dns_name with the IP number of your computer or with its DNS name.

Now take htdocs/file_distributor/db/script.sql and go back to http://localhost/phpmyadmin. Execute the SQL script with the phpMyAdmin interface inside the file_distributor database you created.

. If you did all steps right, you should get a working FD as in this webpage if you visit http://localhost/file_distributor


Feedback on this document

If you need help in setting up your self made distributed computing project with FD, you can contact us at the GPU mailing list. We appreciate your feedback.

Have fun!