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Current project status and future work

We performed a lot of work to get a stable application and still have to invest time to eliminate bugs like the Gnutella duplicates problem. Since GPU was released while writing [3], we have made some progress.

We plan to invest more work in the following areas: we could give to GPU a cleaner protocol with priorities and dedicated Gnutella packets; we could invest more time in the Linux port of GPU; the core loop of
TComputationThread could be optimized for speed; we will enhance GPU so that plugins get strings as parameters.

Users proposed several ideas for plugins and frontends: the existing Chess plugin could be rewritten for parallel execution; a DVD ripping farm; a CoreWars execution environment; distributed databases and distributed crawlers could be interesting areas for further development.

Improvements like color maps for the Feynman-Kac frontend and a
Netmapper with real distances and node's names complete the picture.

Tiziano Mengotti 2004-03-27