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  • Sometimes, developers lurk in the depths of GPU's chat system. They are happy to answer your questions, if they know the answer. If not, they might tell you that is better for you to stay unaware. Do not believe it! Always think with your mind and question strange answers without fear.

    To see some activity, you run at best a GPU node for one, two days, 24 hours a day. The probability to observe some conversation between users is then very high. Try to write a "hello" in chat, too. Keeping Netmapper open will show in a graph the size of the cluster over time. Running Whiteboard might catch some images and even a webcam session if you are very very lucky.

    If you have particular questions regarding the project, you can contact our mailing list gpu-world. Or you can use the bug/support/feature forms listed below.

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  • If you want to support the project with some money, click on the link below. Previous supporters are listed there, too. No matter if your contribution is only enough for a beer while watching the amazing Champions League: this will motivate us very much :-) Thanks!

    Donations will be spent to mantain and improve network infrastructure and services, but not to pay developers directly. Before investing money, the mailing list is asked for approval.

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server room

<algol> running in a server room ;-)

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