GPU : A Gnutella Processing Unit

Before presenting the roadmap, some info on the current status:

Current Project Status

The project status is updated as of March 2014...

  • The bitcoin bots of the GPU project (source code under src/playground/bots/bitcoin/) raised 380$ in January 2014 on mtgox, but mtgox is now down. What if GPU would develop its own cryptocurrency? The intrinsic value of the new coin could be computational time (instead of wasted electricity in the bitcoin mining model).
  • The funding campaign at Indiegogo through October 2013 did not succeed. We need to think about a better business model to make GPU II happen...
  • The codebase for GPU II is improving, the sqlite problems seem solved, at least on a SSD hard drive. The communication libraries are reliable and work well, even behind proxies. Server and core client are almost finished, development will shift soon on the GUI. Several core clients can run concurrently on a node, servers are designed to scale as well with a superserver mechanism.
  • Base GPU Network: currently down, was continously up and running between 2002 and 2010 with 4-10 nodes connected in average.
  • Simclimate: This frontend published in July 2010 attempts to simulate earth clima, including volcano Eyjafjallajoekull and CO2 cycle.
  • Orbit Reconstruction: frontend is able to render planet's surfaces.
  • Search Engine: up and running since 2005, not reachable since July 2007. About 100 gigabytes of data were collected from crawlers.
  • Terragen Movie Generation: A part of Titan, most movies were computed in 2005. A feasibility study for Terragen 2 was done.
  • Seismograph: connected only once to GPU in 2006, results were seen in Whiteboard
  • File Distributor: up and running in the period 2007-2010, but never used productively.
  • A completely new paradigm by Rene Tegel, Persistent Database on WAN, is released with 0.942.
  • Eternity II plugin released with modifiable milestones.

Does a Roadmap exist?

As the interested reader might imagine after reading the introduction and some futuristic thoughts, it is difficult to setup a "roadmap" for this project. It is better to think as the project goal in term of reaching the pinnacle of a mountain which was never violated before. So there is no road, but only a tiny path defined by the rocks. There is no map because the map still has to be written. And there is the blue sky over there... which suddenly can transform into a blizzard, where everyone is lost.

Keep in mind that even if the project is up since 2002, it only left the base camp for the first journey...

The One Laptop Per Child Project became reality. Will it be the same for GPU?

Feedback on this document

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