GPU : A Gnutella Processing Unit

Beginning from version 0.930, the user can choose to install a screensaver and make it as default, while running the installation from the setup.exe file. To install it at a later point, choose Tools -> Screensaver -> Install from the GPU menu and manually make GPU 3d Network as your default screensaver in the control panel.

The screensaver shows a 3D view of the network. Connections are colored to show how much traffic there is.

Inspired by the BOINC screensavers, GPU introduces a screensaver as well.

At the bottom line, the most relevant parameters like e.g. amount of MHz, speed in gigaflops and work performed are shown.

Newer screensaver versions show node names, chat entries and latest version information. With 0.949, the screensaver is able to display whiteboard pictures on the top left corner, while the 3D viewport is resized.

Seeschloss created the initial website. The logo was designed by Mark Grady. Graphics are by David A. Lucas.
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