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Water Cooling Tales

Running a server 24 hours a day as GPU node can be a challenge. For that reason, dangermouse commissioned long time ago a server to ninja (Stefano Godenzi). He was able to build inside a 80486 box a newer Pentium IV, by modifying among other stuff power switch and power supply. That server, named <spartacus>, ran for one year without glitches. An old picture of <spartacus> can be seen here. However, ninja warned dangermouse about the screws of the feets, which were definitely too short. When dangermouse moved house, he obviously moved the server, too. But he remembered the screw warning exactly when he was at top of a staircase, <spartacus> in his hands. In that moment, feets broke and the server fell down the staircase like a dust devil on Mars.

<spartacus> - in its new Thermaltake case

Fans got noisy, very noisy. Shortly before dangermouse was ready for psychiatric treatement due to the big noise, ninja with great patience built a water cooling system inside a new case for <spartacus>. That's all, folks, although if you listen at the video on top of this page, you'll see that noise reduction was not achieved very well :-).

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