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Open Source development

We opened the source code of GPU at early stages of the project. In the beginning, we occasionally got criticism for the code's quality. In general, it was very difficult to involve other developers though many people helped with documentation, support and testing. Developers did not participate directly, but gave support for the many Open Source components employed in GPU., a platform that hosts around 70000 Open Source
projects, gave to the project CVS repository, webspace, download mirrors, task manager and bug tracker for free. The statistics compiled each day gave a significant motivational boost: GPU was competing with professional research projects and established Open Source solutions for clustering. permitted advertising the project through XML feeds and project's news; we reached a community of interested people, from the computer scientist to the computer's beginner, spread everywhere around the world.

We thank warmly staff for their commitment to the Open Source community.


Tiziano Mengotti 2004-03-27