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GPU, a framework for distributed computing over Gnutella

Tiziano Mengotti
Master Thesis in Computer Science
ETH Zürich, Switzerland

Advisors: Prof. Wesley P. Petersen
Dr. Fabrice Marchal
Prof. Kai Nagel

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This thesis proposes a framework for distributed computing based on the Peer-to-Peer network Gnutella, suitable for Monte Carlo jobs, for brute-force searches, and for randomized algorithms in general, where almost no communication is necessary. Gnutella does not recognize privileges between users: everyone can get CPU resources, if needed. The framework is being developed using common Open Source techniques and is intended as a proof of concept. Finally, we discuss the coupon collection problem and attempt a fractal argument for the small world problem, both relevant for the framework.

Tiziano Mengotti 2004-03-27