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List of Figures

  1. Application Overview
  2. Network Overview
  3. Architecture of the BOINC[15] project, an extensible centralized model.
  4. Probability tree leads to a binomial distribution.
  5. Dependence versus independence
  6. Composing the recurrence formula
  7. Probability $ p_{0}(N,M)$ to cover entire domain with at least one stone
  8. Average failure probability in respect to coverage
  9. Forcing fixed length edges on a simplified one dimensional table.
  10. $ G_{sub}$ and $ G$ seen from far away
  11. Building blocks, lattice where we embed $ G$ and $ G_{sub}$.
  12. Three threads are computing with graphics output.
  13. GPU computing the Feynman-Kac problem and corresponding frontend.
  14. The frontend "Network Mapper"
  15. Topologies on Local Area Network: master node is black.
  16. Speedup for the star topology
  17. Speedup for the line topology
  18. Speedup for the tree topology
  19. Speedup for the random graph topology
  20. First big cluster on a random graph (January, version 0.80x).
  21. Second big cluster test on a square grid (March, version 0.847)
  22. Connections from around the world to a host in Switzerland

Tiziano Mengotti 2004-03-27