GPU : A Gnutella Processing Unit

stop: not a file-sharing client GPU is rather a distributed computing client than a file-sharing system. Additionally, it is still in development. If you want a reliable file-sharing client, we recommend EMule or Gnucleus, both Open Source programs.

<bernina> cluster

<bernina-25> cluster in student's room IFW C31 at ETH as seen from the Network Mapper. <tm> is a node in Russia... The superimposed picture is from a webcam. Instructions for building such clusters are here. Benchmarks here...

caution If you want GPU to accept incoming connections, you should forward port 6346 on your router and make sure your firewall does not filter port 6346. Doing so, other GPUs will be able to connect to your machine, and more complex networks will arise, hopefully. If you need help, write us an email.

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