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GPU Distributed Search Engine

Search Engine News 25 Sept. 2005... (PDF)
Search Engine Manual (PDF)...

The Distributed Search Engine is a frontend/plugin couple written by nanobit. GPUs crawl the web and index pages. Using the Search Frontend, or the web interface of the Search Frontend, one can use the GPU network as a search engine. You can get GPU with the Search Frontend with built-in query interface on the download page.

The project's news describing the idea is here. If you install GPU, you can help us to crawl it all :-)

Experienced users can download an optimized plugin that uses mySQL instead of SQLlite for better performance. The plugin should be placed in the subdirectory /plugins of GPU and the file search_plugin.dll should be removed from there. (mysql plugin/install docs). As always, we welcome reporting on issues, so that we can improve.

Please notice that the system is under development and outages might occur often, at least for the webinterface services.

The signature of the crawler is

Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; GPU p2p crawler and can be sometimes seen in statistics of visited pages.

More documentation is available here.

Seeschloss created the initial website. The logo was designed by Mark Grady. Graphics are by David A. Lucas.
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